Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lolita Checklist

Oh dear. It's been a while since I've made a post here hasn't it? A month to the day! I'm really sorry about that. I've just been so busy lately with work and school (graduation is coming up though! Yay!) and the new blog that I haven't gotten around to posting here for a while. So I thought it was about time to get back to it.
Today I was thinking about what to post and I thought "What are some things that I think Lolitas should know about?" which turned into "What are some things that I think Lolitas should have?" So I now present you with my list of 25 things that I think every Lolita should have! I would love for you to use this as a checklist and post in the comments how many you have!

1. A favorite perfume or scent you wear with Lolita.
2. A Live Journal account so you can use the EGL Sales Community and keep up-to-date in other Lolita communities.
3. A Tumblr account so you can follow my Lolita Tips blog! (I know, tumblr isn't for everyone. That was really just me advertising. Ha ha. I regret nothing.)
4. A playlist or CD full of music that reminds you of Lolita.
5. A Paypal account to help with buying Lolita online.
6. A collection of cute shirts to wear with Lolita skirts on days that you just want to go Casual Lolita.
7. A favorite place to hang out in Lolita. Whether it's by yourself or for meetups.
8. A really fluffy petticoat.
9. A daily beauty routine.
10. A special occasion beauty routine.
11. Frilly pajamas and cute slippers so you can feel Lolita even when you're going to bed.
12. A favorite Disney princess.
13. A pretty journal for writing down thoughts and notes.
14. Pretty stationary for writing letters.
15. Pretty scented soap.
16. A collection of favorite tutorials, whether they be for hair, makeup, sewing, crafting, or anything else Lolita related.
17. A cute purse that you can use in or out of Lolita.
18. A favorite outfit for every occasion.
19. Something with some sort of deco-den. It can be an ipod covered in rhinestones and cupcakes or a laptop covered in black beads and skulls or a cell phone covered in roses, as long as it's deco-ed!
20. A cute signature pose for photos.
21. An inspiration folder on your computer.
22. A special part of your closet or room sectioned off just for your Lolita things.
23. A collection of pretty picture frames for photos of yourself and friends in Lolita.
24. A favorite Lolita blog.
25. Confidence!


Sabayon said...

Yay! I am pleased to note that I have most of those things. I am not a fan of using Tumblr, but I follow other people's in my google reader just fine, so you don't really need a tumblr to follow along.

Churi Chan said...

I love lists like that :D:D

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