Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Day You Really Are a Princess

That's right. This entry is dedicated to Lolita weddings! I made a post like this quite a while ago, but this one is going to go more in depth.
Personally, I would love to have a Gothic Lolita wedding with a Victorian touch. So maybe you would call it a cross between Gothic and Classic Lolita? But I would also like to have some Sweet Lolita touches in there as well. I suppose it will be fairly eclectic. So let's get started on some options.

The Venue
How could you possibly have a wedding without a place to have it at? There are so many different places you could have your wedding, so why pick something boring? In a perfect world, I would be married in Versailles but I somehow don't see that happening.

My next option is a garden. A big garden full of beautiful, well manicured flowers would be amazing. (But not so much if someone has allergies!) I would also love to get married at a cute little church out in the country somewhere (although that makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show). Or perhaps for a more Gothic feel, a full blown cathedral complete with gargoyles! I have actually heard of some people getting married in cemeteries. Not my thing, but if you like it go for it! It would be even better if you had family members buried in the cemetery so you really have a connection to it.

The Invitations
Another very important part of your wedding is the invitations. If you don't invite people nobody will be able to bring you presents, er, I mean, share your special day with you. It's best to have your invitations match your theme. I have always loved the look of the invitations from Royal Steamline, a shop that specializes in Gothic, Vintage, and Steampunk style invitations and save-the-dates. There are also a lot of great invitations for any style and theme that can be found on Etsy.

The Cake
It's no lie (get it? Get it? I made a funny.)that the cake is something that a lot of people really look forward to at weddings, so you want your cake to be amazing! I personally think that you should pick whatever flavors you like best. It's your day and you shouldn't have to worry that much about pleasing the guests. If they don't like the flavor, you can make up for it by making it aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of my favorite wedding cakes that I've seen.

And I have to admit, it may not be Lolita, but I think I might actually want this cake at my wedding. (Or at least the amazing toppers.)

The Bridesmaids
While you are supposed to be the most beautiful girl at your wedding, you want your bridesmaids to be beautiful too (whether they like it or not!) Of course the most Lolita thing to do would be to have all of your bridesmaids wear Lolita. If they are already Lolitas you could let them pick their favorite dresses and if they aren't Lolitas you could have them choose a Lolita dress they like from an online shop and order it. Or you could have them all wearing the same dress. I personally like the idea of my bridesmaids wearing EGA though. Here are the dresses I had in mind:

And you can't forget the flower girl! Catherine Cottage has some adorable flower girl dresses as well as Lolita style dresses for little girls!

The Groom
Of course, this depends on your preferences as well as the preferences of your groom, but I think it would be fun to have him dress for the theme! I would love for my groom to wear EGA, especially with a top hat! But I suppose if he just wants to wear a plain old tux that's fine too (as long as he wears a bowtie!)
Your Dress!
Now for the really fun part! Picking out your dress! You could choose to wear any Lolita dress, or you could go for a more traditional route with a full length dress. Here are just a few of my favorite examples, some more traditional than others.

In a perfect world I would be married in Versailles, wearing an exact replica of the wedding dress from the Marie Antoinette movie.

I would also love to be married in a replica of Mrs. Lovett's wedding dress from Sweeney Todd.

But something tells me that I'm not going to get married any time soon, so I guess I have a lot of time to think about it.
I hope you have all enjoyed this and for those of you who might be planning to get married I wish you luck! For more Lolita wedding ideas I would suggest taking a look at volume 5 of the English Gothic and Lolita Bible. Since it is out of print it may be hard to find, but I think it is worth it.


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love all your ideas about weddings! A gothic wedding sounds lovely. ^^ Eventually I hope to have one myself, maybe in shiro gothic.

littletubbie said...

Such very wonderful ideas! I think we all have dream weddings that one day we will achieve it :3

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