Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Selling Second-Hand Lolita

Do you have a closet full of Lolita clothes that you don't wear any more? Looking for ways to make money to buy new Lolita? Did you know that there are plenty of places out there on the internet where Lolitas everywhere could be looking to buy exactly what you're looking to sell? That's right! Come along with me on a magical journey into the world of selling second-hand Lolita clothes!
Okay. So maybe that's a little melodramatic, but that's really how I feel sometimes. The first time I sold one of my Lolita dresses online I got this crazy rush of excitement! I love the idea of making money and bringing a new Lolita dress into someone's life because I know how great it feels when you get a new dress!
So, where exactly would one go to sell their Lolita dresses? Well, I would suggest one of these two places:
EGL Comm Sales
The LolitaFashion.org Buy and Sell Forum

Now, being a moderator for LolitaFashion.org I would love for any of you who aren't already on there to make accounts and use that, but I have to say that the EGL Comm Sales is probably the most popular place for Western Lolitas to buy and sell second-hand clothes.
Here are step-by-step instructions for selling on the EGL Community Sales:
1. Get a Livejournal account. Already have one? Great!
2. Join the community.
3. Read the community rules!
4. Make a feedback page. You need one of these if you plan to sell or buy on the sales comm.
5. Make your posts! Be sure to follow the rules or else your posts will not get accepted!

And here are some instructions for selling on the LolitaFashion.org forums:
1. Make an account for the forums.
2. Read the rules!
3. Read the buy and sell forum rules!
4. Make your posts!

Sound easy enough? Well, there are also some guidelines you should follow when selling as well. Here are a few tips for making good posts:
1. If you are using a Livejournal community, be sure to put your post under a cut. To do this you highlight all your text an then click on the little box that should be right next to where you make a table. When you hover over the button it should say "LiveJournal Cut". A pop-up box will come up with a text box that says "Read more..." You can keep that text as is, or you can add your own text. This text should only be a sentence or phrase (something short) that leads to the actual post. If you look at the community page this is the gray text in parenthesis on the posts.
2. Make sure you take your own pictures of the products you wish to sell. These pictures are to be used as proof that you actually own the product and aren't trying to scam anyone. When taking the pictures try to take them in clean and well lit area. Nobody wants to buy something that looks like it's coming from a dirty house!
3. If you know them, post the measurements of the item.
4. List your item at a fair price. This should be somewhere around the price you originally bought the item for, usually a bit lower.

Not having any luck selling your items? I use Ebay only as a last resort. I prefer not to use Ebay because of all the fees. Not only that, but you sometimes end up selling to people who want to buy your Lolita dresses to use as cosplay (which is totally not cool in my book.) But if you really want to get rid of something and want to get the money, this is usually an okay option. If you're worried like I was about someone buying your dress for use as cosplay, do what I did and write them a nice thank-you note to send with their dress. Also include your Lolita blog or your favorite Lolita blog. That's what I did. (If you listened to my note, hello person who bought my dress! I hope you like it!)

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful and have fun selling your second-hand Lolita!


KittyDragon said...

Thanks for this post. I am really thinking of selling some of my stuff soon and this game me some good pointers. Thanks!!!

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