Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sugar Pansy and the Great Age Debate

As you may or may not know, Angelic Pretty has recently released a preview of an upcoming print, Sugar Pansy. There seems to be much debate about this print. Personally, I love it! I think it's very pretty and it's refreshing to see Angelic Pretty doing a print that doesn't involve cake and sweets and animals and sugary rainbow happiness. (Not that I have anything against their OTT sweet prints, I just think it's nice to see something new.)
Well, I was on Facebook yesterday when I saw someone on my wall make this post "im sorry sugary pansy is a fail...>.> why? Only OLD WOMEN wear those colours and prints!"
I had to do a double take. I'm sorry. Only old women wear pink and lavender?
Are you trying to suggest that this model looks like an old woman? (Damn you AP for not letting us see the whole dress.) Only old women are allowed to wear floral prints?
When I responded to her post by saying "I think it's adorable. =/ Haters gonna hate." She responded with "It's not cute to see young girls pretending to be old....>.>"
Which leads me to my next point. She seems to think that wearing a pastel floral dress will make young women look old? Well what about any other floral dress? What about Classic Lolita, which is meant to look more mature? Do Classic Lolitas look old? Angelic Pretty took a classic idea of floral prints and pastel colors and made them look young and sweet!
And that being said, why should it not be okay for a young girl to wear a floral print, but it is perfectly fine for older women to wear sweet Lolita? There has been plenty of debate about people being too old to wear OTT sweet Lolita, but they do it anyway because that's what they like to wear.

Anyway, I could rant about this for hours, but I'm not going to. What I want to know is, what do you think about Sugar Pansy?


babybunny said...

I think it's quite lovely IMO! I also like the texture of it too, which is really nice to see new fabrics used :)

Sarah said...

Hehe, I saw the same post. I would take her opinion on anything AP with a grain of salt, since she is the same person who always complains about "AP lolitas" being tacky/childish/etc.

Sarah said...

PS: Sugar Pansy totally reminds me of Tiara Rose Ribbon, and I think both are gorgeous.

Caro-chan said...

Wow, what XD? It's so hard to believe that people who think those very close minded things are part of the Lolita fashion. How can you get up in the morning, put on 5 pounds of petticoat and then a fancy party dress and carry around a purse shaped like a cookie or a clock or a bunny and then go around telling other people (in the same fashion even!) that dressing a certain way is just not OK?

Anna M. said...

What's old about flowers on your dress? My mind is twisted in knots trying to fathom this.

Meg said...

I was somewhat floored when I saw it, because it was so different from what AP had been doing. However, it only lasted a second because I love this print! It looks a little more grown up, and the colors are gorgeous! I can't wait to see a better picture of it!

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