Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Wait. You mean it's actually called "Valentines Day?" Well that's upsetting.
Never fear though fellow single Lolitas! I have just the thing you need! (Insert drum roll here.) Introducing, my list of 10 ways for single Lolitas to have fun on Valentine's Day!

1. Online shopping! Or if you don't have the money, window shopping! Lolita is of course a great thing to spend your money on, but if you don't want to spend so much money on an impulse, beauty products are fun as well. I recommend Pretty and Cute. They have lots of great Asian imports and their website is really cute too.

2. Spend some time on youtube looking for good Lolita related videos. (And have fun laughing at those that are not so good.) Also look for some good Lolita related music. I highly recommend Lolita KompleX.

3. Sell stuff. I don't know about you, but I find a certain thrill about selling Lolita clothes I don't wear anymore. And hey, it gets you money!

4. Buy a pillow pet. They're soft and cuddly and really comfy. I have a ladybug named Mr. Bug and a unicorn named Darren.

5. Diet? What diet? Indulge yourself today! Buy yourself a box of chocolates and dig in!

6. Have a spa day! Take a bubble bath, cover yourself in good smelling lotion, and paint your nails!

7. Have a girls night out! Who cares if it's a Monday? Grab your friends and go out for dinner and a movie.

8. While everyone else is watching gooey, romantic movies, treat yourself to a nice action or horror movie. Who needs kisses in the rain when you can have exploding cars and loss of limbs?

9. Go onto Facebook and find some status posts of friends who are being all mushy gushy with their significant other. Comment on said posts with "Eeeeeeewww~!" or something equally as childish.

10. Check out some new Lolita blogs. Go to the blogs you follow and look at the blogs of the people who follow them. You could also try finding some Japanese Lolita blogs. Even if you can't read them, the pictures can be fun to look at.

So there you are! I hope you have a great day! (Or what's left of it. Darn school and work. I would have gotten this up earlier in the day if I could.)


Dorotea Time said...

hahaha! i am loving the names for your pillow pets! i wanna see them XD

Emerald Rose Widow said...

I like this very much, good things to think on, would have been better to read to give me a smile yesterday.

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