Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Site for Beginner Lolitas

As you may know, I did have a website that I had made as a Lolita informational for beginners. But I've noticed that a lot of the information on it was a bit outdated, as was the old version of Webs. So I have remade my old website into a new one, appropriately called Painting The Roses Pink as an extension of my blog.
It is still under construction, but all the information is new and up to date. I made this website as a way to help people who want to learn more about Lolita and possibly become a Lolita. Everyone always says, "do research before you try it!" but it's sometimes hard to do research when so many things are scattered throughout the internet. So I decided to bundle up all the big, main information into one website.
If anyone has any friends or knows anyone who is interested in trying Lolita, please direct them to my site! Thanks!


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