Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lolitas and Wigs- The Great Debate

When I first started wearing Lolita it seemed as though hair was always an issue. All these Lolitas I saw and looked up to had such perfect hair. Bangs cut straight across the eyebrows, perfect curls, the works. I wanted to look like that. So I got myself some bangs and learned how to curl my hair. But then I noticed some crazy trends starting.

I didn't really notice these trends until around the start of the OTT Sweet Lolita trend. As prints became more sugary sweet and accessories started to pile up I noticed some other things start to pile up as well. It started off as some relatively simple wigs, in crazy (yet adorable) unnatural colors. But then they started to get bigger and bigger and eventually it sprouted into more hair than was naturally possible.

So many Lolitas seem to be embracing their wigs, wearing them everywhere. But why? Is it because they don't want to dye their hair? Is it because they can't curl their hair themselves? Or is it that they just want to have fuller, thicker hair? Or maybe it's laziness and not wanting to have to do your hair in the morning. I am very interested to know.

Personally, I think wigs are adorable. That is, when they are good quality, well taken care of, and when they actually go well with the co-ord. But there seems to be a bit of a debate going on about them. Some Lolitas argue that wigs take Lolita from the fashion that it is supposed to be and turn it into a costume. Some say that it takes away from the Rococo and Victorian influence (but doesn't OTT Sweet already do that?).

So I would like to know, what do my followers think of Lolitas wearing wigs? Are they okay when they look natural? Are they too much all together? Or do you love them?
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Amelie Rose said...

I have to say, I think that wigs and Lolita fashion go together really well. Considering how heavily based in the Rococo movement Lolita is, wigs are like an historical comeback; those ladies didn't wear them as costume pieces, and I think it'd be silly to call the wigs in Lolita costume-y for the same reason as to say that about petticoats and bell-sleeves.

Hence why it sounds ridiculous to me to say that it takes away from the Rococo elegance. They all wore wigs! XD Even in the Victorian era, hairpieces were a booming business. There are plenty of records about the popularity of human hair extensions: that's how they did all those crazily elaborate styles, basically by wearing half-wigs.

I don't wear them myself; but I think, yes to wigs! :D

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