Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Take It Back

I havn't really been posting much lately as you may have noticed. Why? Well, it's a vicious circle. Let's do the logical thing and start at the begining.
It's Winter. It's cold outside and most of my Lolita clothes are geared more toward the warmer months. I can't buy any more Lolita right now because I have no money. I applied for a three jobs but was turned down for one and I havn't heard back about the other two yet. Because of this lack of Lolita in my life I don't really have much Lolita related stuff to talk about at the moment.
BUT! I live to please! So I decided to do what they do with anime when they don't have any better ideas. I'm going to make a flashback post!
Think back to when you first met the Lolita fashion. What's the first style you saw? For most of us I would say it would have been Gothic. If you go to smaller anime conventions most of the "Lolita" you will find there will be Gothic. Why this is, I've never really understood. Gothic Lolita just seems to be the most popular among anime fans. But what about the first time you saw Sweet Lolita? Before I discovered Sweet Lolita I hated pink and loved black! Now I absolutely love pink!
Then I think, what did Sweet Lolita look like when I first saw it? I remember light pink dresses with lots of lace and bows and matching rectangular headdresses! Now if you look at it you will most likely see nothing but super sweet prints and Alice bows. To tell the truth, as much as I love prints and Alice bows, I still like rectangular headdresses. I feel bad for them! They're starting to be more and more associated with cosplay and are therefore going out of style! I would love to see someone who can bring them back!
So the next thing I think of is the day I got my first Lolita dress. It was a black JSK with white lace from In The Starlight. I didn't have a blouse (I didn't know you were supposed to wear one!), no matching shoes, no headwear, no petti, nothing. But as soon as I got that package I ran to my room and put it on as if it were a regular sundress. I didn't know I was "doing it wrong", I was just so happy! I ran around the house and twirlled around in front of the mirror. But I knew something was wrong. I went online and started looking at other Lolitas and realized I needed a few things. So I bought a $20 petti, some black thigh highs, black maryjanes, a Hot Topic blouse (which since you can't see anything but the sleeves actually doesn't look too terrible) and my black cat ears with the lace pinned on! (If I still had pictures of this outfit I would share but I deleted all of them in my shame!)
I wore that outfit for the Cherry Blossom festival as my first time going out in public in "Lolita". I was having so much fun! People wanted pictures with me and I kept getting so many nice compliments. But then I saw them. Real Lolitas. All dolled up and looking beautiful and perfect with their brand dresses. I wanted so badly to be their friends, but I knew at that moment that I wasn't a very good Lolita. They were nice to me though. They didn't tell me I was doing it wrong, or to take the cat ears off. They just smiled and nodded at me. From that day on I decided that I wanted to be the best Lolita I could be.

So, my story kinda got a little side tracked and ended up turning into the story of how I became the Lolita I am today (lol). But I think there may be a moral to my story. No matter how happy you think you are, there is always room to make yourself even happier.

(P.S. The first picture used in this post belongs to duplica-chan. Here is the full shoot.
P.P.S. Anyone notice my obsession with naming my posts after Tom Felton songs. lol I think this is the second one.)


lessie said...

hahaha tom felton is looove!
im broke atm too t-t
the very first brand i saw was victorian maiden and its rococo bouquet op in pink, i was SO SO amazed and i loved it right away but the first outfit i wore, totally ita btw, was a gothic kinda thing, i errased all the pics too haha there is no way i can look at that now lol.

btw the pic is from duplica chan n.n from germany, the whole session is marvelous

duplica-chan said...

Yes the picture is by me! duplica_chan and sery-chan from livejournal. but we're from Austria, not Germany :)
I'm feeling proud that you're using it. thank you!

here's th link to the whole shooting, in case you're interested:

Neko Nekogami said...

That shoot is so great! I'm glad you don't mind me using the picture.

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