Saturday, January 2, 2010

35 Steps to Discovering Your Inner Princess

Lately I've been hooked on tumblr. Do I have an account? Nope. Will I ever make one? Probably not. I'm just happy going through people's pages that I have saved in my favorites (in which I have created a special folder just for tumblr pages.)
Anyway, while I was looking through "I'm A Sucker For Cupcakes" I came across this list. I read through it and thought it was cute so I thought I would repost it here.
So here you go. 35 steps to discovering your inner princess.
1. Go beachcombing, find the prettiest shell and make a pendant of it.
2. Learn to French Braid your hair.
3. Improve your posture, practise by walking around with a book on your head.
4. Tie ribbons around your wrists, your ankles, your neck or braid them in to your hair.
5. Find your signature scent.
6. Wear something with a tiara on it every day, a badge, hair clip or necklace, declare your royal self.
7. Find the cutest umbrella you can and get matching gum boots.
8. Start a charm bracelet, add a charm for every Princess Challenge you complete.
9. Carry a monogrammed handkerchief everywhere.
10. Brush your hair 100 times each night until it shines.
11. Find the perfect shade of lipgloss, ruby red, pastel pink or something with sparkles.
12. Match your heels to your headband.
13. Find a long, wooly, handknitted scarf in your favourite colour.
14. Wear fresh flowers in your hair.
15. Replace the buttons on an ordinary shirt with pearls or hearts or jewels.
16. Perfect your curtsey.
17. Wear a full length cape in public.
18. Attach cute and sparkly charms to all you gadgets, phone, DS, ipod, pretty up your technology.
19. Put stickers and diamantes on everything.
20. Indulge in a faux fur hood, feel like an Artic Princess.
21. Paint your nails in different colours.
22. Replace your shoelaces with ribbon.
23. Smile at everyone you meet, even if they don’t smile back.
24. If you’ve never used one, invest in a good eyelash curler.
25. Sleep in an old fashioned nightgown and cap.
26. Glue jewels on to your shoes.
27. Wear grey and yellow together.
28. Have spontaneous conversations with elderly folk, young children and birds.
29. Sprinkle rose petals on your salad and bake lavender scones.
30. Carry a book as an accessory, match it to your dress (you can read it too!).
31. Bow to the Sun, kiss your hand to the Moon and make wishes on the Stars.
32. Wear more hats.
33. Wear skirts that swirl when you walk, spin around in them!
34. Dust your eyelids with shimmering powder that makes you look like a fairy.
35. Everytime you look in a mirror, smile at your reflection, for you are the fairest.


Anonymous said...

I really really love this list, it gave me some nice inspiration, but...
10. Brush your hair 100 times each night until it shines.
This is actually bad for your hair. Less is more with brushing! Just thought I'd mention that. ^_^;

Neko Nekogami said...

Wow, really? How interesting. I never know that. =3 Good to know!

Caro-chan said...

These are cute! Even if some of them are a bit over the top XD Are they from Princess Portal? I feel like I've read them before.

Neko Nekogami said...

lol Over the top like wearing a full sized cape in public? That one made me giggle a bit.
I'm not sure if they're from Princess Portal. They might be. o.o I should look.

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