Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time Well Spent

So, you have a few days off for Winter break. After a few days, you just don’t know what do to with yourself anymore! Here are a few ideas for how to spend your time!
1. Spend the day watching all of your favorite childhood movies. (For me this would include Hercules, Anastasia, and The Great Mouse Detective.)
2. Clean your room. Organize your closet and sort out old junk. You never know what you might find!
3. Decorate your room! Search through your attic or basement for old things you can repurpose for use in your room.
4. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and catch up.
5. Go out window shopping! Or if you’re stuck at home, do a little online window shopping.
6. Spend your day on the internet looking for pictures that inspire you. Save them on your computer in a folder titled “inspiration.”
7. Research one of your favorite actors. It’s really fun to learn what other things they do. For example, I searched for Tom Felton and found out that he also sings and plays guitar! I just downloaded a few of his songs!
8. Write a story with yourself as the main character. Maybe you’re a warrior princess, the damsel in distress, or the star act of a traveling circus! It doesn’t have to make sense! Just make it fun!
9. Go back to your childhood and spend the day with a coloring book and crayons! Or you could find some coloring pages online! (Angelic Pretty coloring book anyone?)
10. Dance around your room singing to super happy music, or just music that brings back happy memories. (For me this would include NSync and the Spice Girls. XD)
11. Make a Lolita wishlist using! Use it to tell people what you want for your birthday or another holiday, or just to keep track of everything you want to save up for!
12. Look for new songs by your favorite band and spend the day watching music videos.
13. Flip through a cook book and try a new recipe.
14. Memorize to lyrics to your favorite song. Or if you play an instrument, you can try to memorize how to play a new song.
15. Start a new sewing or craft project or finish one you already have started. Don't know how to sew? Try learning!
16. Go to a tea house or the tea aisle of a grocery store and try a tea you havn't had before.
17. Research your favorite historical figure. (I would most likely research Marie Antoinette or Fred Abberline.)
18. Listen to different language translations of Disney songs on Youtube. (My Favorite)
19. Go to and put together some fun co-ords!
20. Go online and read some Lolita related blogs. Maybe Painting The Roses Pink would happen to be one? =D

There! Now you have no excuse to say you have nothing to do! Have fun~!


xo.- R said...

These are great ideas, thanks!

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