Monday, December 14, 2009

Lolita Spotlight #1

Hello my dears! I'm trying something different today! I am doing a Lolita spotlight! This is a spotlight of a Lolita whom I admire and whom I think deserves recognition. Those of you who have accounts on Live Journal may recognize her from the EGL or Daily_Lolita community as faunkegin. She was nice enough to let me interview her! So here it goes!
1. Q: How long have you been interested in Lolita fashion and how did you first meet the fashion?
A: I've been interested in lolita for about 5 years (Since 2004 or so) But I've only been dressing in the fashion for about 3 years, since early 2007. I first found out about lolita while searching on the internet for a gift for a friend. I somehow stumbled across Baby's website & fell in love! Then, when I moved away to go to college in 2005, I met a lolita walking down the street of a big city, and she took the time to explain the fashion to me!

2. Q: What is your favorite Lolita brand?
A: Angelic Pretty! I also love Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and many others. But AP really takes the cake for me!

3. Q: What is your favorite thing about Lolita?
A: Umm...this is a hard one! Everything, I suppose! Am I allowed to say that? Haha! I think, though, if I had to pick a certain object of clothing lolita related that I liked, it'd be the shoes! You can't really find anything like them anywhere much outside the fashion.

4. Q: If there is ever a time that you can’t wear Lolita, what do you wear?
A: Hmm...I kind of dress weird all the time! Usually I dress in flowy, baggy clothing, usually pastel colored. The accessories I wear for my lolita coordinates and with "normal" outfits are also the same. I really like a style called "Spank" or "Fairy Kei." Here's 2 examples of normal, everyday coordinates.
Sorry about the crappy images...I'm not too serious when I take photographs outside of lolita!

5. Q: What was the first Lolita item you bought? How did you feel when you got it?
A: Technically the first item I bought was a pair of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Heart buckle pink! But the first item that actually arrived to me was a blue floral dress from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I felt so happy when it arrived, it was so perfect!

6. Q: Is there anything you don’t like about Lolita?
A: Hmm, there's nothing about the actual fashion itself I don't like, I suppose! Sometimes I think some lolitas can be overly mean to other lolitas. But honestly I think there can be drama in any niche community, and just in life in general, so I don't pay much attention to it. There's not really much I don't like about this fashion!!

7. Q: What is the best comment you have received while wearing Lolita?
A: I can't remember a particularly comment actually, but in general, people saying things like "Wow, you really brightened up my day!" or "It's nice to see some people still care about proper coordination." or "You're such an inspiration!"
8. Q: What is the worst comment you have received while wearing Lolita?
A: Haha, actually, I've never gotten that many rude comments! More often people tend to give lolitas funny looks, I've noticed. But I do get "Haha, you look like Little BoPeep!" from lots of people before, who heckle as they walk off, thinking they're the first genius to this of that comment. Not realizing, however, that they're about the twentieth person that day to say that. I actually appreciate funny comments, when they're creative!

9. Q: What advice would you give to beginner Lolitas?
A: Hmm, there's so much to say I suppose! But for the most part, just be who you are, and dress how you want. Someone says your outfit isn't "lolita" enough? So what! It might not be perfect "lolita," but I think feeling comfortable with how you dress is the most important thing. When it comes to looking perfectly lolita, I think these are a few good tips: ~Make sure to have a proper outfit--Lolita is about modesty! ~Make sure your skirt or the skirt of your dress has enough poof! ~Make sure your colors are balanced. Wearing a mint dress with pink as the second color? If you wear pink on your head, make sure you wear pink on your feet, too! Balancing like this really grounds an outfit and makes it POP! ~Make sure to put effort into your hair and makeup! You don't have to look like you just won a beauty pageant, but just rolling out of bed and putting on lolita just won't do! Lolita is fancy and over the top, paying very careful attention to all details. You should pay attention to your own details as well, don't you think~?
Ahh, sorry for the long interview, everyone! I really hope you enjoyed my interview. Thank you for watching!~

Thanks again to faunkegin for allowing me to do this interview! Also thanks to her wonderful photographers (In order of photo appearance)Ryan Reeve, Issac Viel, and Dorothy Siemens!

If anyone would like to be featured in my next Lolita spotlight, or knows anyone who might, please send an email to with "Lolita Spotlight" as the subject. Please include a picture of yourself wearing Lolita as well as why you think you should be in the spotlight!
Thanks for reading!


Lessie said...

i really like ashlee! she look marvelous all the time and her coordinations are amazing!
she is a trully inspiration, one of my fav western lolitas for sure!

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