Monday, December 21, 2009

ITS.... is CLOSING?!

It is a sad sad day my lovely Lolitas... American Lolita brand, In The Starlight is closing.
This is really sad for me because I bought my first Lolita outfit from ITS. ITS has always been a great place to buy Lolita and has always been one of the first places I direct beginner Lolitas to when they are looking to buy their first dress.
But the world will continue to spin. I just thought I would share this sad news. Here is a link to the official announcement for those of you interested in reading it:


Caro-chan said...

I heard about this too! Quite sad, as they are such a great place! Apparently they will still be selling through Etsy, so maybe the close wont be as bad as everyone thinks it will be.

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