Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lolita and Anime Conventions

So, I just got back from Zenkaikon and it was hectic to say the least. The day started when I woke up at 6:58. We all got ready and left the house around 8:30 and arrived at the hotel at around 10:30. The line was long... very very long... So we stood there for an hour before a staff member goes through the line and announces "There is no more space left for today! Anyone who is not pre-registered for Saturday should either go home or just stay in line and sign up for Sunday. You can then come back tomorow." I was infuriated. So we decided that we would stay and try to find a way to get in. We wanted to try to get onto a waiting list or something so we could get in when someone left. If not, we were going to call a cab and just go to the mall. So we stood in line until about 2:00 when we finally got in. We explained to the staff what had happened and that we didn't have a ride and couldn't come back on Sunday and, being the baby that I am, I started crying. XP But, it turned out to be a good thing because they seemed to feel bad and they actually let us in! They gave us badges for Saturday and let us stay!Then we met up with Anna, her friends, and a guy for school and hung out with them for a while. We walked around and went to the Eyeshine pannel and just kinda hung out for a while until we eventually lost them. But we did get to take a few group pictures!

I have to say though, the highlight of my day was Johnny Yong Bosch! He's so nice! He actually took a pen and paper outside and signed autographs for the people in line saying that even if we can't get into the con we should be able to have something to take home! >w<
Oh, but anyway! The Lolita part! So basically, being both a Lolita and an anime fan, you have to have a certain amount of patience. (Pain tolerance can help too.) I can't tell you how many terrible, TERRIBLE, "Lolita cosplays" I saw today. I just wanted to go on a tutoring spree! But, of course you have those people who will say "I don't care if I'm doing it right. I don't want to be a Lolita, I just want to cosplay as one." And no matter how insulting I find that, I have to deal with it.
Then there are dealer rooms. This year's dealer room had a vendor that sold so called "Gothic Lolita" clothes and accessories. Basically it was a bunch of black mini dresses covered in the most scratchy, horrid lace one could ever imagine. AND PEOPLE LIKED IT! I heard girls looking at them going "I would totally wear all of that to school!" And it wasn't even sarcasm! =.= But... people are idiots and will eat up anything they are fed it seems.
Then there are other Lolitas and Lolita fans. I am not a good person for small talk, so whenever another Lolita comes up to me and talks to me, I feel quite awkward. Today two Lolitas came up to me and asked if I was part of the Philly Lolitas group on Live Journal. So I just said yes and awkwardly attempted to talk to them and ended up making the excuse that I had to go to find my friends (which actually was true) to get to leave. It's not that I didn't want to talk to them, I just suck at small talk! XP Then there are people who don't wear Lolita, but seem to be obsessed with it. I have to say, I'm a tad bit tired of being called "Lolita-chan" when people want my attention. I mean, why do they have to add the "chan" part? Why not "miss Lolita"? or something like that. But usually all they want is a picture so it's fine.
I was very happy today to find that nobody said that they liked my "lolita cosplay" or called me a Rozen Maiden like they did last year. But that's what you usually get.

Well, anyway, all in all it was a good day. But now I'm happy to be home to give my feet the rest they need!


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