Tuesday, September 29, 2009

STFU Hot Topic

The idiots at Hot Topic seem to have caught on to the Lolita trend and so... they decided to shamelessly murder it! DX
The first thing they did is this. They took this dress which although not Lolita, is kinda cute (aside from the terrible lace quality) and they decided they could use it for a "Gothic Lolita Halloween Costume"! (I can't get the links to work. Just click on the "Gothic Lolita" on this page.)
DX That is just terrible! Lolita is not a costume and it certainly does not look like that!
Then they did this. "You'll be quite the lolita..." What? Do you mean the slutty little kid kind? That looks nothing like Lolita! Is that what the word "quite" is in there for?
*sigh* To make a long story short, Hot Topic is stupid. Yeah, they have some cute stuff sometimes, but nothing Lolita. NEVER EVER! Great. Now we're gonna have itas running around in Hot Topic garb going "I R RORI NAO GAIZ?! HOT TOPIC SAYZ I R!"
*shivers* I can already smell the failure...


Caro-chan said...

XD Just awful! I must admit though that without all the terrible lace the stripey one could look really cool, I just really like black and white stripes in Lolita though XD

At least because they are being sold as costumes you'll only see people wearing them around halloween.

Neko Nekogami said...

Actually, neither of them are really being sold as costumes. That's just an idea they made so people will buy their regular clothes. "Look guys! You can use them for halloween too! 8D"
It would almost be cute if you took away the terrible lace and the red parts though. I almost want to buy it, rip it apart, and reconstruct it. =P

lucifairy said...

u exaggerate lady, how exactly is this slutty??
cause its 3 cm shorter than the typical lolita dresses? or the lack of bears lolipops and ponies annoys u??

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