Saturday, September 19, 2009

Living La Vida Lolita

For some reason I seem to be in Lifestyle Lolita mode. I lit a candle with a Victorian scent, sprayed my lace pillows with lavender spray, and I'm listening to Classical music. So what better time for me to discuss being a Lifestyle Lolita?
-What is a Lolita Lifestyle?-

Most simply put, it is a more elegant and beautiful lifestyle adopted by some Lolitas which is often based on old-fashioned customs and activities. This can include things like having tea parties, collecting antiques, gardening, and living a Victorian lifestyle. Of course, not every Lolita has to choose the Lolita Lifestyle. If you don't like to things old-fashioned, that is perfectly fine.

-How to live the Lolita Lifestyle-

A big part of Lolita Lifestyle is drawn from Victorian influence, from tea parties, to formal etiquette. My personal favorite way to celebrate my Lolita Lifestyle is decorating my room. I have included things such as a floral quilt, lace pillows, a mock antique clock, antique furniture, a vanity set, and even a Victorian style sillohouette.

Another fun way to celebrate Lolita Lifestyle is taking a trip to a tea house, museum, or a Victorian house. Other old buildings are also nice. Someday I would really love to travel to France and visit Versailles. I also hope to have a Victorian home of my one one day.
^^" That's all I can really think of for now, but here are a few useful links.
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Caro-chan said...

Very cute ideas! I don't consider myself a Lifestyle Lolita, and yet I live a Lifestyle styled life XD perhaps I'm in denial! Thanks for that 101 Lifestyle ideas link, it looks like fun.

As a side note, I would like to say that it's rather difficult to comment on your blog! The comment box is in a little frame with no scroll bar, so you can't see the enter box for the word verification. You have to keep tabbing and pressing enter to get to it.

Neko Nekogami said...

Really? The comment box is working fine for me... strange... maybe it's something with the new layout...

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