Thursday, September 17, 2009

Color Me Pretty

So, I've noticed quite a bit of hate in the Lolita community for people of different skin tones. I hear a lot of "Only Asians can look good in Lolita" or "White girls look best in Lolita". What's up with this?

Yes, this is about to be another rant... but I havn't ranted in a while so either deal with it or don't read it. XP

Personally, I like being pale. I'm so white I'm almost clear! (lol) In times past pale skin was actually a symbol of wealth and being high classes. I love having such nice, pale skin. But of course, any color of skin is nice as long as you take care of it. Proper skin care is crutial when trying to pull off such a beautiful and elegant style. Why would you wear a beautiful dress without the rest of you looking it's best? It's like giving someone a birthday cake with no icing!

I think the main problem that leads people to believe that people of certain races should not wear Lolita is because they do not wear Lolita that suits their skin tone. I think that certain colors look better with certain skin tones and hair colors. I really think those things can set a whole outfit off balance.

I think that if you take care of your skin, and wear clothes that suit your skin tone and body type, anyone should be able to wear Lolita! The only excuse to tell someone they can't wear Lolita because of the color of their skin is racism. If you feel that way, please keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear any racist comments in the beautiful fashion I love so much.


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