Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where is the love?

So, I was on Lolita snap and we were talking about Brand Lolita VS Handmade Lolita. I was utterly shocked when one girl posted this:
"More people should make they're own lolita clothing or just normel clothing. I hate when people say that one brand is like god to them and if they see you in offbrand stuff that looks the same, they make a big fit of it. For my first con I made a dress that look the red one from Kamikaze Girls and this brand lolita in the same dress asked me if I get for baby and I said "no, I made it." and she starting yelled at me for not having the brand dress, and later she ripped the back of my dress when i was washing my hand in the ladys room. It was so mean."

That's just horrible! I mean, I know Lolitas can tend to be a bit mean at times, and you always have Elitists who think their "burando" is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that's just OTT rude!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to my rant about manners!

When she posted that, my exact response was this:
"Ugh. I can't stand Elitists like that. Such terrible people. They give Lolita a bad name. I would have bitch slapped her. (XD And I say she gives Lolita a bad name)People are just snobs. They think they're better than everyone else because they can afford their precious 'burando'. I can't wait until they're old, fat, and broke. XP That's what happens.I really can't stand it when you see a Lolita with a closet full of beautiful brand Lolita, yet they're living in a little piece of crap house that they can't even afford because all their money is wasted on clothes. People need to realize that you don't have to wear brand to be a beautiful Lolita."
I am a very strong believer in this! You don't need brand to be beautiful! Really people? I mean, it's really impressive that she was able to make such a good replica of that dress that someone actually thought it was made by the brand. You could at least give her credit for that!

Really? What's the big deal with brand whoring anyway? I mean, yes, they have beautiful prints and designs. But why are they so coveted? I guess Lolita is just turning into one big popularity contest. Is that it? You think you'll become the envy of egl or something? Really, I have seen Lolitas looking much prettier in handmade Lolita than anyone in head to toe brand.

Lolitas, please remember, nobody wants to be treated badly. I mean, it would be one thing if she was wearing a hideous ita frill monster, but from what I understand, she wasn't! And even if it was a hideous ita frill monster, you still shouldn't rip the poor girl's dress that she worked so hard to make!

Say what you want about this post. I know you have the right to say what you want. I know you don't have to listen to me. But please, just think. That girl is actually a very sweet person. You really shouldn't judge people before you know them, even if they aren't wearing brand. Everyone already judges you for being a Lolita period, we don't need to add on to that. And if you must make fun of someone, don't do it to their face. That's just plain rude. It's not just about having good manners while wearing Lolita, but in general, people just shouldn't be so rude.
What's next? Protesters against sew_loli?
Really, if you love your brand that much, please, for all of us, get a life, and gtfo.

Bleh. Sorry for the rant. You don't really have to listen to anything I just said. I just wanted to post something that bothered me.


ribonuclear said...

That's just... shocking. Utterly shocking. What a cow!

I can understand people getting riled about cheap shops mass-producing brand ripoffs. That's real true copyright, after all.

But getting angry because she made a personal replica? That's awful! For many people, $400 an outfit is just way out of their budget-- or at least, it sure is way out of mine!
Brand clothes tend to be made for a standard-sized model customer, too. They just don't fit a lot of people who are bustier or curvier than the brand sizing. In my opinion, it's incredibly much more stylish, and more admirable, to produce a replica piece that fits perfectly than to try to wear a dress that looks like one was poured into it. Just because it's brand, doesn't mean it'll look good.

Is it controversial of me to say that I don't think burando elitists like this young lady have captured the lolita spirit at all? It's very easy to splurge out on a bunch of ready-made lolita clothes with no worrying about style, but another thing entirely to make it from scratch, which requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of lolita clothing, material, patterns, quality and shapes.

Sure, rori's brand-conscious-- but I don't think it should be nearly so much so. People should concentrate less on money snobbery, and more on the beautiful aesthetic we are trying to capture. Our clothing makes us sisters, so like you said so aptly, where is the love?

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