Sunday, August 23, 2009

New People Mall

Well, the New People mall just opened in San Francisco, complete with BABY, The Stars Shine Bright... but since I live in Pennsylvania, so I wasn't able to go to the opening. TT.TT
Oh well... it's not like I would have any BABY outfits to wear anyway.
But I'm really starting to get tired of all the BABY Opening picture posts on egl!
I just wanted to go to the Black Peace Now opening to see Hakuei though! TT.TT I'm so sad that I couldn't see him... *sigh* Oh well...
Anyway, here's a link to the New People website if anyone's interested:

Also, I'm very happy! I sent a Lolita Valentine to my favorite trap and he seemed so happy! >w<
He said he was actually thinking about quitting trapping but when he saw my valentine he decided to keep going. I'm so happy! ^.^


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