Monday, August 31, 2009

I feel so loved~!

So, I was on today when I get the sweetest PM ever! It said:
"I know this sounds very silly, but I think out of all these wonderful lolitas you seem to be my favorite! I know that sounds silly but I really look up to you!! I mean your not mean ever! And you always loook cute, but you don't look like your trying to pose in a thousand crazy ways! You just look happy! Reminds me of what people say about me you just seem like you love life they say! I do! and I think you look soooo sweet and non-cloney and unique I look up to you! In a very non creepy stalkery way!!"

That seriously made my day! I have always wanted to hear something like that! I know this girl will be reading this blog post at some point so I just wanted to say thanks again! I'm really happy that someone loves me so much! ^^

Also, guess what everyone? I've been posting in Lolita secrets for the last two weeks now. =D
Guess ya can't guess who I am! XD If you can I'll give you a cookie! (But not really. =P I'm not sure how much it would cost to mail a cookie... maybe a virtual cookie though...)
I plan on posting this week too... just as soon as I come up with some good secrets. ^^"


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