Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome, love~!

Hello, and welcome to Painting The Roses Pink! Why pink? Because it's just so pretty!

My name is Averie. I have alot of different alliases which include neko_nekogami, inuzukaluv, and silverrosealchemist. You might recognize me from such places as Live Journal (most often egl), You Tube, Deviant Art, and various other websites, most often either Lolita or anime related.
Hm... I really don't know what do say. I have never really done much blogging before. I mean, I don't even really read blogs, so why would anyone want to read mine? But... I felt left out. Now normally I wouldn't do something just because everyone else is doing it, but well... it's sort of a dream of mine to become famous in the Lolita community. I don't want to be famous in a bad way like say... La Carmina, but I want to be famous in a good way. I want to give good advice and be recognized for good coordinates and whatnot. Is that a bad thing? *innocent looking pose*

So... basically this is going to be a Lolita and anime related blog. I hope to spread a good word about Lolita fashion to everyone in the Otaku community. Mainly because I'm tired of seeing "UBER KAWAII LOLITA COSPLAYS" that well... aren't at all "kawaii" or even Lolita. I want people to understand that Lolita =/= cosplay.

I hope everyone enjoys reading my rants! Please come back and read often! ^^


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