Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Successful Meetup

Hello! I am very happy to say that I have just successfully hosted my first Lolita meetup! It was so much fun! I thought that rather than boring you with a full rundown of everything we did, it would be nice to share some tips for hosting a successful meetup!

Tip #1: The Right Place At The Right Time.
When organizing your meetup it is important to know exactly where you will be going, what you will be doing, and when you will do it. Make sure you chose a location that is Lolita friendly meaning not too dirty and somewhere you would be okay wearing your Lolita clothes. Make sure you have a clear idea of where exactly everyone will meet, and maybe give out your cell phone number in case anyone can't find you. Also have a clear idea of exactly you plan to do, that way you are not standing around bored trying to figure out what to do.
Tip #2: Dressing for Success.
Make sure everyone is dressed properly. If you plan on going to the theatre or a nice resturant, or anywhere that would be considered formal, casual Lolita or OTT sweet might not be your best choices. If you plan to go to an amusement park or anywhere outdoors, make everyone dresses comfortably for the weather. It also might not be the best idea to wear your absolute best Lolita to one of these places for fear that it could get dirty.
Tip #3: Be Prepared.
Make sure everyone is fully prepared. If there is a chance of rain, everyone should bring an umbrella. If it will be sunny everyone should be sure to either wear sunblock or bring along a parasol. Make sure everyone has all of the money they will need which will include an entrance fee or ticket if needed, and the cost of food if needed. Bringing a little extra cash along might not hurt either just in case. Also, be sure to bring your camera!
Tip#4: Advertisement.
When planning a meetup it is best to advertise as much as possible. Put up advertisements on Lolita communities, especially local ones, on Live Journal, and other Lolita communities.
When advertising, make sure to include the date, time, location, how much money everyone will need, appropriate dress, theme (if you have one), and anything else you want them to remember.
Tip #5: Keep Everyone Comfortable.
Meeting people for the first time can be a scary thing. Even more scary is planning to spend the whole day with people you just met on the internet! It is always a good idea to have your guests invite their other friends along too. That way if anyone has trouble making friends, they still have someone to talk to and won't feel lonely. Even if their friends aren't Lolitas, it is still nice to have them there.
Tip#6: Be a Good Host.
Try your best to make all of your guests comfortable. When everyone arrives make sure everyone is properly introduced and take time to get to know everyone. Make sure everyone feels included in the activities. If people are leaving at different times, make sure they leave safely, and even walk them out if you can. (Example: At my meetup, Rachel had to go home early. We were at Hershey Park, so the rest of us walked her out to the entrance where her mom was waiting.)
The most important tip though is to have fun! We all know that alot of drama can pop up between Lolitas from time to time, but a meetup is a place to have fun and make friends! Even if your ideas clash at times, it is best to ignore it and don't let it ruin your good time.
Well, that's all for now! I hope your meetups go as well as mine did!


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