Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love BABY, The Stars Shine Bright!

So, I was on wtf_burando, a Live Journal community that basically questions the sanity of Lolita brands whenever they make something ugly or just weird. While reading the newest posts I came across this post. I'm a bit embarassed to say it but... I actually love that dress! >w<>

I simply cannot believe this ended up on there because I have to say, this is probably my dream dress. Well, one of my many dream dresses. I really think it would look good on someone (like me! =D). I wonder how many people will question my sanity because of this... but then again, I have already had my sanity questioned enough times that I'm used to it by now! ^^ I can't help it that I like OTT sweet prints.

I think everything about this dress is adorable! I love the ribbons and lace in the front. I love the cute little teddybears with their bonnets and dresses. I even love the colors, which is mainly what that post was complaining about! If they think it's ugly, then I guess that just leaves more for me! As soon as I can get the money, I will totally be rocking this dress.
I have to say, BABY is just full of my dream dresses. But of course, I still haven't hit my goal weight and am still a bit too big for any of them. But just you wait! One of these days I will fit into my dream dresses and I will show off every one of them!

I would just love to be able to wear Kaya's BABY dress, even just once. I would be honored just to be in the presence of it! Of course, being in the presence of Kaya would be a great honor period, but in this dress? Pure love~! The best part is, I usually prefer sweet Lolita! This is almost all black and I'm still in love with it!

Bleh... okay. I guess I'm done with my rant for today. I'm just having so much fun. ^^" Wow, I used a lot of pictures today. Well, everyone needs a little visual aid, right? Please say I'm right because I don't want to sound any dumber than I already do. XD

Love you!


Seraphim said...

This is the company who made Versailles' third set of costumes, non?

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